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Explottens is a heart pounding, fast paced shoot-em-up which is exploding (pun intended) with humour, cuteness and deadly cat fights! asdasd

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All the action takes place in the cultural heartbeat of Pakistan - Lahore! Sheeda is your average Pakistani boy in a not so average endless runner!

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Fly through the air with the greatest of ease, our budget didn’t allow for a flying trapeze... But worry not because we’ve got astronauts, aviators, and a quest to retrieve stolen artifacts from the clutches of an evil witch!

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Poor little Ben and Abi! They are left adrift in a magical room, hopeless and lost. Never fear, for you can reunite them! Guide the young siblings by matching up rooms and directing them to the magical red door!

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Mercilessly Difficult, Daringly Addictive! HEX:99 can be explained with a simple equation : (simple controls + awesome music) x insane difficulty + frenzied action = SUPER ADDICTIVE


The chase is on to save the realm of gods. The realm of the gods has been thrown into disarray and it’s up to one swift night spirit to restore the peace.

Gear up for it’s time to take Steve for a Scuba run! Dive and submerge yourself into a water infested world filled with amazing animals that lie below the surface.

Reunite Kye with the love of his robot world - embark on this endless platform shooting quest! After watching his girlfriend been snatched away by an evil green villain, Kye sets out to get her back.

Feeling the need to make the leap with each beat? Move with the rhythm of the heart as you capture mini hearts in over 100 clever puzzle based levels.

Your planet is decaying and to survive you must guide it through space to a new home. Collect the glowing life essence crucial to sustain life as you jump from star to star in search of a vibrant new galaxy.

Ever got bored while on the toilet. Here is the best time pass to distract you from that awful stinky pile of poop. Match as many colors as possible in a 60 seconds by rotating the color wheels. Cannot get any simpler than that.