We take pride and passion in our team and believe we have the finest talents available with incredible array of skills. We provide our very own services with a hard working team of artists, animators, developers and testers who are more than willing to contribute to your projects. Their hard work and determination is the reason why many of the world's most popular gaming companies come to us.


From vector art to 3d models and from matte painting to 2d animation - team we.R.play has the talent and the skill set to deliver beyond your wildest expectations. We aim to please and we're pretty professional about it. We've worked with some of the best in the business and our art work is seen by millions of people everyday across the world on their mobile devices and social networks.

If you are looking for an art team that:

  1. takes pride in their work
  2. is painless to work with
  3. strives for perfection in every pixel and every vertex
  4. is willing to go the extra mile for you

get in touch with us - connect@werplay.com


Bugs got your application? we.R.play has a dedicated team of testers that make sure your apps are bug free and you are stress free.  If you are looking for a QA team that -

  1. is passionate about QA
  2. understand games and plays them from the end users perspectives
  3. is honest and committed to their work
  4. loves ice cream

get in touch with us - connect@werplay.com




Looking to create the next generation of social and casual entertainment experiences but need help? Our code ninja's are fast, quiet and super-smart.

We love playing games and we love making games. We have a super-talented team that ships titles across iOS and android using unity3d and cocos2d.

If you are looking for a dev team that

  1. can take a game from concept to completion with attention to detail and commitment to quality
  2. is passionate about the games that they make
  3. is simply better than 99.99% of any other kinds of teams out there
  4. that plays, let plays and makes awesome fun games

get in touch with us - connect@werplay.com

Bring motion to your models, indulge in the inspiring spirit that our Animators shape into their work. If you are looking for an Animation team that

  1. can animate objects from simple smiles to complex kung fu moves
  2. is observing every move to capture detail in their work
  3. leaves out no frame and shade of hard work
  4. shares their donuts and chocolates with you

get in touch with us - connect@werplay.com